Crane & Industry Training

Gantry Crane Courses

3800 gantry

Unit Standard 3800
Gantry crane

Gain the skills needed to operate a radio remote or pendant controlled gantry crane safely. This Includes pre-operation checks and all operator responsibilities.
1 Day -6 Max


Unit Standard 30072
Rig and sling load safely

Gain knowledge of hazards, hazard control, and lift planning. Learn use of different types of lifting gear and working load limit (WLL) tables and charts. Preparing and slinging regular loads safely.


Unit Standard 16617
Operate a Truck loader crane

Course includes pre operation inspections, Lift plans setting up crane to Lift regular loads, stowing the crane away and getting ready for road transport. 1 day 6 max


Unit Standard 3789
Sling regular loads and direct a crane

Gain the skills to complete a Lift Plan, Identify and Manage Site Lift Hazards sling and lift loads and safely communicate with a Crane operator using Hand signals or VHF radio communication 1 Day Max 6