Crane & Industry Training

Unit Standard 30072
Rig and sling load safely

Course Details

Approved Code of Practice for Cranes Id Edition 2009 states

All persons operating or working with a crane must hold the following applicable Unit Standards as a minimum qualification and preferably hold the relevant National Certificate in Crane operation

Course Outline

People credited with this unit standard are able to: prepare rig and sling regular loads; Calculate weights of loads and communicate during crane operations. Understand safe use of Lifting beams, spreader bars; slings, shackles, eye bolts; natural, synthetic and wire ropes; chains and web slings

Regular loads have one or more of the following characteristics:

Uniform weight distribution, concentric loading, regular proportions, known lifting points, repetitively lifted.

Course Aim

The learning outcomes of the training provide an understanding of the responsibilities, compliance and company processes required for operating a Gantry Crane. The course will cover maintenance, pre use checks, ocrerational requirements and skills.

Course Duration:
One day. Maximum 8 attendees.

Unit Standard Option:
3789 Sling regular loads and communicate during crange operations.

Attendance Pre-requisites:
Nil preferred (6 Months industry experience) Unit Standard 30072

Assessment Methods:
Written/Oral quiz, practical assessments.

Safety Requirements:
Comply with site safety requirements requires Crane, Crane Operator and VHF Radios

Learning Objectives

  • Identify hazards and implement control measures when operating Working around Cranes
  • The care and use of the crane and lifting equipment 
  • Pre-start checks and service, fault reporting, load attachment, load lifting, load traversing, load placement.
  • Understanding and using Crane terminology.
  • Understanding the importance of pre-operational checks.
  • Being aware of the safety codes for Crane operators.
  • Developing safe usage techniques.
  • Handling loads, parking and storage techniques.
  • Calculating Weights of Load
  • Continuous Communication Techniques with Crane operators