Crane & Industry Training

Wheels, Tracks & Rollers Endorsement

Course Details

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas: either it moves on wheels, tracks or rollers. To operate any of these you require the right licence for the weight of the vehicle and the required endorsement.:

  • Unit Standard 16701 Wheels Skid steer loaders, scrapers, wheeled cranes etc (‘W’ endorsement)
  • Unit Standard 16703 Tracks excavators/diggers, crawler cranes etc (‘T’ endorsement)
  • Unit Standard 16702 Rollers  :triple drum static, Pneumatic multi tire, (‘R’ endorsement)

You can complete your endorsement training with a New Zealand Class 1R (restricted driver licence) however cannot put the endorsement on your driver licence until you have obtained a Full Class 1 New Zealand driver licence.